Historical AFL odds

Contrary to popular belief about the lack of popularity of exotic sports in the post-Soviet space, many unusual team disciplines are increasingly attracting the attention of Russian-speaking bettors. This applies primarily to baseball, American and Australian football. It is about the latter that will be discussed below.
Betting fans from the CIS have started to follow the games of the Australian Football League relatively recently. They quickly realized that they could make good money. AFL historical odds, collected by our specialists in a single database, will help to increase your winnings even more. But first things first.

General information about the AFL

Australian football, also often referred to as aussie, is a unique blend of rugby, college football and soccer. He began to gain popularity in his homeland back in the century before last. And over the past two decades, it has become known far beyond the mainland in the Southern Hemisphere.
The main competition in the aussie is the Australian Football League (abbreviated AFL), which was created in 1897 under a different name. There are currently eighteen teams in the Australian Football League. And even knowing practically nothing about AFL historical odds of which have been collected in our database for sixteen years, it will not be difficult for a bettor to find winning bets. And now more about how it works.

What is the base of AFL odds for?

In most cases, immediately after the end of an event or after a short period of time thereafter, bookmakers remove information about it from public access. They do the same with Australian football matches. That is, after a while it will be problematic to find out what lines and quotes various companies in the betting industry gave for the past fights.
As for the historical AFL odds for the games of the past seasons for sixteen years are collected in a single common database. It will help you quickly get acquainted with the results of meetings, as well as understand which bookmakers offered the most profitable options for betting on Australian football. Most likely, the same bookmakers will offer a good list for this sport in the future.

Benefits of using for the bettor

All fans of gambling who follow the AFL will find historical odds useful for several reasons. It:
1. Quick search for results for games from previous seasons.
2. The ability to determine who in what years was the favorite in the confrontation of certain teams.
3. Lightning-fast analysis of the line of bookmaker companies for completed meetings.
With this information, the bettor will easily identify the favorite of the confrontation right before the upcoming game. And he will find an office in which the most profitable list for the selected event will most likely be presented.


As a result, the historical odds AFL games from our database will help a bettor with an interest in Australian football to understand the sport. And they will allow you to quickly identify the offices with the most profitable quotes. That will increase the percentage of winnings and the net profit from future transactions with the bookmaker!