Bet365 historical odds database

Sometimes even an experienced sports betting enthusiast finds it difficult to quickly identify the offices that offer the most profitable list and conditions for betting on various events. Beginners even make a gross mistake when, before the start of a match or tournament, in a hurry, they choose a bookmaker at random. Or, at best, by comparing quotes in several bookmakers. With this approach, they definitely run the risk of missing out on the most favorable conditions for upcoming bets.
It is imperative to use all available tools and carefully study the information about the bookmaker and its line before becoming a client. And make deals with him, especially for large sums. One of the most effective tools for finding the most suitable line and profitable quotes will be the Bet365 odds database, which contains important data on the list of a famous bookmaker for a decade and a half. But first things first.

Information about bookmaker Bet365

Over the past fifty years, only a few bookmakers have been created, which quickly won the respect of gambling enthusiasts around the planet. One of them is Bet365, which was born in 1974 in the UK, but gained wide popularity after the primacy of online betting began in the early twenty-first century. The head office of the company is still located in Stoke-on-Trent. Later, Bet365 Group Ltd acquired offices in various countries, including the states of the European Union and Australia.
The company has become the best in online betting several times according to various publications and polls. Its official website has been translated into twenty languages. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, the bookmaker's annual revenue exceeded three billion dollars, and its net profit stood at about a billion dollars a year.
Like other bookmakers, Bet365 closes information about transactions and quotes from users of the worldwide network immediately after the end of the event. Such data could be used by betting enthusiasts to find interesting bets in the future. That is why the Bet365 odds archive, compiled by our team and including information from the bookmaker's official website over the past fifteen years, is of high value. And not only for beginners in the world of betting, but also for professional bettors.

What is the Bet365 odds base for?

As soon as a sports event ends, information about it, including betting options and quotes, disappears from the public domain on the bookmaker's website. The same happens on the resources of the Bet365 company. Given the breadth of the British bookmaker's line and the fact that it often offers the most favorable conditions for betting on various disciplines and competitions of various levels, from international to regional, such information will be extremely useful for bettors.
Our database contains bet365 historical odds since 2005. With their help, even a beginner will quickly determine:
• painting for individual events (for example, football matches of selected teams) or entire tournaments for a certain period of time;
• all variants of outcomes that the bookmaker included in the line;
• quotes with which the winnings were calculated.
With such data, it will be much easier to find an event with the most favorable conditions for future transactions. And not only in Bet365, but also in any other bookmaker.

Example of using a database

Consider an option in which a fan of English football wants to bet on the upcoming match between representatives of the same city, Manchester United and Manchester City. He will be able to find the results of their previous face-to-face meetings on websites with statistics. But only the Bet365 odds database stores all the information about which betting options the bookmaker offered and with which quotes.
That is, the bettor can easily determine how much the painting for the upcoming duel between the "Red Devils" and the "Citizens" differs from similar paintings in the past years. And then he will be able to compare it with the line of other bookmakers. And make a conclusion where it is most profitable to bet on the chosen outcome.

Benefits of using for the bettor

Regardless of whether the gambling enthusiast is a Bet365 customer or prefers other companies, he needs to be able to analyze all available information in order to increase the number of wins. And the advantages of getting to know our product are obvious. Even a newcomer to the world of betting, the Bet365 odds archive will allow you to:
• carefully study the information about the different sports disciplines that have appeared in the line of the British office over the past sixteen years;
• quickly determine which events the bookmaker offered the most favorable conditions for transactions;
• compare the information received with the quotes of different bookmakers for similar upcoming events.
This will only take a few minutes. And they will give you a chance to find the most favorable conditions for transactions. What will be the key to high earnings if the bet plays out.


As a result, Bet365 historical odds will be useful to all bookmaker clients, as they will allow you to quickly study the results of past events and compare them with the proposed quotes for upcoming events. It will not be difficult for a betting enthusiast to identify options with abnormally high or simply profitable "keffs". And make money on them!