Terms of use


1. The website OddsBase https://oddsbase.net / (hereinafter: OddsBase) offers a web service for rendering of assistance to database access.
2. The main function of OddsBase is the sale of database access, with the help of which each user will be able to get information on past sports events.
3. The following Agreement prescribes the rules for the provision of services, interaction and use of information between the Administration of OddsBase (hereinafter: Administration) and the users of OddsBase.
4. By gaining an access to or using any part of OddsBase, you agree to become a party to the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree with all the terms of this agreement, then you will not get access to the services provided by OddsBase.
5. OddsBase is not a financial instrument, it does not provide financial asset management services.
6. OddsBase is not an online casino and does not provide gambling, sports betting and lotto betting services.


7. OddsBase’s Administration guarantees the confidentiality of clients and does not provide information about its clients under any circumstances, regardless of any information request, as well as, regardless of who exactly submits this information request.
8. The user of OddsBase gives his/her full consent to the processing of personal data and other information posted personally on OddsBase.
9. The processing of personal data includes any actions and/or a set of actions related to the collection, recording, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, updating, use and dissemination (introduction, transfer), removal of personal information necessary for the provision of OddsBase’s services.
10. All personal information that can be processed and that can be included in the user's profile is defined as information about the user (which is placed personally by the user in his/her profile) in the form of: the user's first and last name, login, password to the personal account, e-mail address, which will become known to the Administration.
11. By accepting this Agreement, the User acknowledges that he/she understands his/her rights, the purpose of collecting, storing and processing personal data. The user also agrees that the period of personal data processing is indefinite.
12. The process of personal data storage is indefinite.
13. The User may change (update, add) his/her personal data or its part at any time, and may also request the complete removal of his/her user profile and all personal information from the database of OddsBase.
14. Collection, storage and processing of personal data is the process of personal services provision to the User of OddsBase, including access to the user's personal profile, authorization, password reminder, publication and personal data sending.


By accepting this Agreement, you agree with the following rules:
15. Public content.
15.1. If you leave information anywhere on OddsBase, post materials on it, publish links to OddsBase or otherwise create (or allow any third party to create) materials available through OddsBase, you are fully legally responsible for the Content, as well as for any harm resulting from activities related to the display, distribution, promotion, marketing or any other use of the Content.
15.2. You warrant that you will not download, copy, scrape any data from OddsBase or infringe any proprietary rights, including but not limited to copyrights, patents, trademarks or trade secrets of any third party.
16. Account security.
16.1. You are legally responsible for maintaining the security of your account in the user zone of OddsBase, and you are fully legally responsible for all actions that occur in the account and any other actions taken in connection with the account.
16.2. You must immediately notify the Administration of any unauthorized use of your account or any other security violations.
17. User Registration.
17.1. Users are registered for free on OddsBase.
18. Obligations of the User:
18.1. When using the services of OddsBase, the User undertakes not to perform the following actions:
18.1.1. sell, distribute the information received from the database;
18.1.2. sell, distribute access to the database.
19. Rights of the User:
19.1. To monitor the progress of execution and/or the quality of the services provided by the Administration on OddsBase.
19.2. To receive from the Administration all the necessary information about the services provided.
19.3. To contact the Technical Support Service to solve problems related to the operation of OddsBase and the services provided by the Administration.
20. Rights of the Administration:
20.1. The Administration reserves the right to:
20.1.1. change OddsBase at any time at its sole discretion;
20.1.2. reject the user's request to register on OddsBase or prohibit and delete user accounts in case of violation of these conditions without explaining the reasons;
20.1.3. edit or delete any content published on OddsBase at its sole discretion for any reason, if it does not comply with these conditions, is harmful to it or to any third party;
20.1.4. unilaterally amend the current Agreement.
21. Obligations of the Administration:
21.1. In exceptional cases, having the sufficient amount of evidence, the Administration may, at any time, without any prior notice or compensation, to technically block the use of one and the same account information to anyone, including all Users and their registration, in case when at the time of the use of such account information another person on OddsBase starts to use it.
21.2. In exceptional cases, having sufficient evidence for this, the Administration has the right, at any time, without any prior notice or compensation, to technically block the use of several user accounts of Account Information to any person, including all Users and their registrations, which are used by the user/users for the purpose of fraud.
21.3. The Administration monitors the User's IP addresses when working with OddsBase and, if there is information about the use of the same account by several users, the same IP address by the User and other users (or several other users), it has the right at any time and without prior notice to the User, at its discretion, to block the possibility of using OddsBase from such an IP address until the use of the same IP address by different users is stopped.
21.4. The Administration is not legally responsible for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of its obligations, as well as possible damage resulting from: (a) illegal actions of Internet users aimed at violating information security or the normal functioning of OddsBase; (b) failures in the operation of OddsBase caused, inter alia, by errors in the code, computer viruses and other extraneous code fragments in the OddsBase software; (c) the absence (impossibility of establishing, terminating, etc.) of Internet connections between the User's server and OddsBase’s server; (d) carrying out measures by state and municipal bodies, as well as other organizations within the framework of the Operational Search Measures System (SORM); (e) establishing state regulation (or regulation by other organizations) of the economic activities of commercial organizations in Internet and/or establishing one-time restrictions by these entities that make it difficult or impossible for the Administration to fulfill its obligations; (f) other cases related to actions (inactions) of Internet users and/or other entities aimed at worsening the general situation with the use of Internet and/or computer equipment that existed at the time of registration on OddsBase.
21.5. The Administration has the right at any time, including without any prior notice to the User, to suspend the operation of OddsBase for preventive maintenance, if possible at night or on weekends.


22. When using OddsBase or the services related to OddsBase, you agree not to perform any of the following actions without our prior written permission:
22.1. Publication of any inaccurate, untimely, outdated, incomplete or misleading information.
22.2. Use of any search engine, software, tools, electronic storage devices, agency or other devices or mechanisms, including, without limitation, browsers, spiders, robots, avatars or intelligent agents (collectively, “Devices”) that are not approved by the Administration and are not included in OddsBase navigation, are not intended for posting business information, searching, or storing information with OddsBase. Approved devices include those that are available on OddsBase or in other publicly available third-party web browsers, for example: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Yandex browser or public search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex or Bing.
22.3. Perform actions related to spam, flood, extortion or unauthorized mass marketing by e-mail, internal mail, telephone or otherwise directed at OddsBase users.
22.4. Expressing or speaking your assumptions that any statements that you make are confirmed by the Administration.
22.5. Restriction or prohibition to any other user to use OddsBase and the services, including without restrictions, by “hacking” or violating any part of OddsBase.
22.6. Use of OddsBase for any illegal commercial, research or informational purposes.
22.7. Modification, adaptation, sublicensing, translation, sale, reconstruction, decompilation or disassembly of any part of OddsBase.
22.8. Removal of any notices of copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights, proprietary rights contained on OddsBase.
22.9. The use of frames, or mirrors, or other links to any other content on OddsBase.
22.10. The use of any robots, spiders, search/correction applications on the website-payment system or other manual or automatic devices or processes for extracting, indexing, “data mine” or in any other way reproducing, crawling the navigation structure or presenting OddsBase, or its content.


23. Persons without age restrictions can use the services of OddsBase.
24. OddsBase has the authority to collect, store and record the User's personal data without age restrictions.


25. We have no refunds. We undertake to compensate for the time our customers are unable to access the data. Compensation is made by increasing the access time.


26. When working with OddsBase, the Administration is not legally responsible for any or all of the Content provided by you, as well as it is not responsible for assumptions about whether this content really contains such materials and information that raise doubts about their accuracy, truthfulness, usefulness or whether these materials cause or do not cause any damage.
27. You are legally responsible for taking precautions as necessary to protect yourself from any hacker attacks, to protect the computer systems that you use when working with OddsBase from viruses, worms, Trojans and other malicious or destructive materials.
28. The Administration disclaims any legal liability for any harm caused to OddsBase users.


29. All claims and complaints are submitted to the administration of this payment system, having previously contacted the OddsBase Support Service (https://oddsbase.net).
30. A complaint from users is considered to be properly sent by them and received by the Administration, if it was received by the Administration by fax or e-mail, and to the extent that allows to establish the fact of receiving the complaint.


31. The list of currencies that are applied to payment on OddsBase are:
31.1. US Dollar (USD) as the national currency;
32. OddsBase does not require any documents proving the identity of the Buyer and/or documents confirming their financial condition.
33. When using OddsBase services, the user is charged only a fixed fee for providing access to the database.
34. OddsBase accepts major credit cards and debit cards, such as Visa and Master Card. Please note that any payment terms provided by you during the use or registration process for the services are part of this Agreement.
35. The user registers on OddsBase, specifying his/her personal data. After that, during the purchase of access to the database, the process of redirection to the payment system takes place, where the User specifies his/her payment data.


36. OddsBase Users are required to comply with the standards of the Law “On Amendments to Title 17 of the US Code of Laws regarding the Implementation of the Copyright Protection Agreement of the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Contract on Performances and Phonograms, as well as for Other Purposes” dd. 27.01.1998 adopted at the 105th US Congress at the 2nd session (DMCA), concerning the intellectual property rights of Global Marine City.
37. Any use of photo, graphic, video, audio, text and other materials posted on OddsBase and on the database belonging to this website is prohibited.
38. If it is necessary to use photo, video, text and audio materials from OddsBase, the users must obtain written permission (consent) in advance. The Administration has the right to use such materials on a paid basis.
39. The information posted on OddsBase in the places reserved for advertising materials and/or posted on OddsBase under the designation “advertising” is advertising material and belongs to third parties.
40. During the consideration of the application OddsBase reserves the right to request any additional information necessary for making a decision on issuing a written permission from the addressee of the application.
41. The use of OddsBase materials is possible only after obtaining the appropriate written permission, which can be sent electronically to his/her e-mail address.


42. Cookies are fragments of text that can be provided to your computer through a web browser when accessing OddsBase. Your browser stores cookies in a way that is associated with each OddsBase you visit.
43. OddsBase does not collect data in cookies. Some data is cached in the local storage, which is a not cookie technically.
44. The local storage is located in the browser on the user's device, i.e. OddsBase technically does not transmit data to other web services via cookies.