Nfl odds archive database

American football, despite its immense popularity in the United States, Canada, Japan and several other countries, has not yet received increased attention from the Russian-speaking public. Although bettors from the CIS countries are looking at him more and more often, which is indicated by the constant presence of matches of this discipline in the line of leading bookmakers.
The greatest interest among fans and gamblers is the matches of the National Football League. And for a good bettor, the NFL historical odds database will be an excellent tool for finding the most profitable options for upcoming bets.

General information about the NFL

Thirty-two teams play in the National Football League, the top professional US football championship. It is the representatives of the NFL who regularly occupy high places in the ranking of the most expensive sports clubs on the planet (without reference to discipline) according to Forbes and other reputable publications. For example, by early 2021, Dallas Cowboys had a budget of $ 5.7 billion. This is almost 500 million more than any other sports club in the world, including representatives of the NBA or top European football championships.
The matches of the National Football League occupy a significant place in the line of the largest bookmakers. But it is extremely difficult for a beginner American football fan to find quotes for past matches. The NFL odds archive created by our specialists will come to the rescue. This is a huge reservoir of useful data, including information about the list of bookmakers for the main tournament in American football.

What is the NFL odds base for?

According to the rules of most bookmakers, access to information about an event from the line stops immediately after its completion or after a short period of time. This also applies to the painting on the historical NFL odds of which would give the bettor an impressive layer of useful information.
Knowing the results of previous meetings of the teams, as well as the line and quotes offered by different bookmakers, even a newcomer in betting will quickly determine the favorite and choose the office with the most suitable conditions for future bets.
The historical NFL odds and results, collected in our database, will allow you to study any match in the National Football League, since 2005, and find out under what conditions the bookmaker companies accepted bets on it. The correct use of such data will allow you to quickly choose the office and the best option for the subsequent bet. And earn as much as possible if you win.

Example of using a database

Let's say a football fan wants to wager the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys in the first round of the upcoming NFL season on September 10 at Raymond James Stadium. Obviously, the favorites of the meeting are the Pirates. They are the current champion title holder and winner of the LV Super Bowl, and they will play at their home arena.
However, it is unclear where to find the most profitable odds on the outcome and other betting options for this event. You just need to run our database to see all the possible betting options that have been accepted on previous games with the participation of Tampa by the leading bookmakers. And then just a couple of minutes will be enough to calculate the office that offered the most profitable betting options. With a high probability, it is in it that a good list will again be presented with a generous profit in the event of a won bet.

Benefits of using for the bettor

For all bookmaker clients interested in the historical NFL odds of various bookmakers will open the way to the most winning bets for several reasons:
1. Such information will allow you to quickly identify companies with the most extensive and profitable list for the games that have already passed. That is, in the future, these very offices are likely to offer the best conditions for betting on American football.
2. With the NFL odds database, it will not be difficult to understand the patterns of formation of quotes from past fights, which will help to predict (at least approximately) them in the future.
3. Even a quick glance at the statistics will determine how much the bookmakers "believed" in the success of one of the teams in the matches of the previous regular seasons and playoffs. And using such data, you can easily calculate the realistic ratio of quotes to possible outcomes in upcoming meetings.

In addition, the NFL historical odds database gives the betting enthusiast:
• Convenient and quick search for statistics of match results for the selected period of time;
• the ability to compare the list and quotes of different bookmakers for the same events;
• a tool for instantly determining the favorite in games where the probability of the outcome is not obvious at first glance;
• a tool for studying the most winning bets in American football over a decade and a half;
• the ability to calculate outcomes that are likely to "come in" in the future, as has happened before.


Thus, the historical NFL odds and results, collected in our database, will be useful to every bettor who is interested in betting on American football. Such an array of data will give the gambling enthusiast additional materials for finding the most profitable bets. And the ability to quickly view them even with a cursory study will give you a chance to see the rates that will bring the maximum profit right now!