Historical odds

There are a huge number of tools and strategies that help bookmaker clients to win more often and earn more on bets. Most often, gambling enthusiasts use only some of the available ways to increase profits: sports statistics, news, promotional offers in the bookmaker. Or they even rely on their own intuition and luck. But an experienced bettor knows that it is important to use all available means to the maximum in order to get a good income from betting in the long term.
One of these tools is a odds database of various bookmaker companies. So what is it, how to use it and what advantages does it offer when making a bet?

What is the archival odds database?

Bookmakers regularly update the line. It happens 24/7 online, without breaks and days off. As soon as the next event ends, it disappears from the bookmaker's website. And the client of the office will no longer be able to get acquainted with the quotes that were offered for the last event.
The historical betting odds archive database created by us is information about the quotes of the leading bookmakers for all events, starting from 2005. That is, this is a huge data sheet with a complete list of the largest offices, collected together. For the convenience of searching for the desired event, rate or specific quotes, our product is equipped with a simple and fast interface. With such a tool, even a novice bettor will quickly determine how favorable the conditions were for betting on the selected event of various bookmakers. Moreover, there is no such information in the public domain anywhere else!

How does it work?

Each bookmaker accepts bets based on certain information processed by the analytical department or a third-party company specializing in predicting outcomes. The received data about the upcoming sporting event is processed by the bookmaker's employees or outsourced specialists. And then they provide the office with the result of their work, on the basis of which the line is built and quotes are set.
After the end of the event and the calculation of bets on it, the bookmakers remove all information about the past event (line, list, odds) from the general access. That is, after a short period of time, it will no longer be possible to familiarize yourself with the quotes offered by the office. And this information greatly simplifies the search for profitable bets in the future, since historical odds often directly indicate to the bettor how profitable the deal was. Possessing such information, he can easily find the most interesting offers in the future for similar bets.
That is, the betting odds archive on rates, created by our specialists, makes it possible to:
• quickly study the history of oppositions of opponents;
• find offices with the most advantageous offers for betting on the confrontation of selected opponents;
• choose a bookmaker that has offered the highest quotes and an interesting line for similar events in the past, since it is highly likely that it will again bypass the list of competitors.
As a result, a gambling enthusiast will always have at his fingertips a simple and convenient tool that will allow him to get acquainted with the statistics and odds of the leading bookmaker companies for past years. And on the basis of the data obtained, even a beginner in betting will quickly identify offers of offices with the most favorable conditions for similar events in the future.

An example of using the bookmaker's quotes database

For clarity, consider a match between two football teams that will take place in the future. For example, it will be the Madrid derby between the two best teams in the Spanish La Liga - Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. Having at hand the historical sports betting odds, the gambling enthusiast will not have to waste time looking for statistics on past meetings of famous clubs.
It is enough to look into our database for a second to find out how the Mattressnikov and Creamy matches ended in the selected time period. Moreover, the bettor will quickly find all the best deals on bets on the matches of Atlético and Real Madrid, which were offered by different bookmakers. With a high probability, the same companies will again give out the best quotes and a line for the upcoming fight. And by betting with them, you can hit the jackpot with the correctly guessed outcome.

Benefits of using for the bettor

Even a beginner in the world of betting, the odds database will allow you to quickly get used to and learn how to choose profitable deals in the best offices. The advantages of using it are obvious. First of all, these are:
1. Convenient search through the line of leading bookmakers.
2. Simple interface and quick receipt of data on past events over the past years.
3. Many bookmaker quotes compiled into one database.
4. Opportunity to compare the lines of offices and choose the one that offers the most favorable conditions for betting.
In general, historical odds are another convenient way to earn more from betting. And not all bettors know about him. And you have a unique chance to get a tool for making a profit right now. And in the long term, our database will allow you to quickly find the most interesting bets in the leading bookmaker companies, which will contribute to the stable growth of your bankroll.


Thus, historical sports betting odds are a simple solution to stay one step ahead in your search for great deals. If you want to increase your profit from cooperation with bookmaker companies right now, then our product is perfect for you! With its help, you can always familiarize yourself with the bookmaker's quotes for past events, and then quickly choose the most profitable bets. And increase the percentage and amount of winnings in the near future!