NBA odds database

Sports betting is not just a way to support your favorite team. Privateers (professional forecasters) make this type of activity the main source of income. They regularly review and analyze a ton of information. But not all data can be found on the net. NBA historical odds excel can be stored on a large number of resources. Accordingly, the privateer is forced to spend a lot of time not on the analysis itself, but on finding the necessary information.

Where to find all the information you need

In this case, it is recommended to use the universal NBA odds database. On this resource, the forecaster will be able to find the odds for a specific event. Moreover, and importantly, information on several bookmakers will be offered. NBA odds archive includes materials from 2005.

Why do you need a base

1. All odds are collected in one place.
2. Privateer does not need to run his own base. Even if the forecaster uses modern computer technology, he will not be able to collect data from five or more bookmakers.
3. It should be noted that different Bookmakers offer different odds for the same event. For example, the Utah Jazz is playing against the Los Angeles Lakers. On the first win, 1XBet offers odds of 1.89. On P2: 1.42. at the same time, on the Marathon website, it was possible to bet on the same events, at different odds. Home: 1.93. Away: 1.48.
4. Finding surebets becomes easier and faster. Surebet - the difference between the odds in two or more bookmakers. In this case, we are talking about numbers that allow you to place 2 different rates on the same event. In particular, in one office we bet on P1, and in another, on P2. But here it is important to find such a difference that in any outcome the privateer remains a winner. Just by tracking the NBA historical odds, you can try to predict which bookmaker will show a bias in one direction or the other.
5. Quite often the bookmakers make the team obviously weaker as the favorite. For example, the Golden State Warriors were among the favorites for the 2019/2020 season. But already in the current season, they have ceased to show aggressive and effective play. At that time, especially at the beginning of the championship, the bookmakers offered rather low odds for the victory of the GSU, making the team an unconditional favorite. But even teams like the Chicago Bulls and New Orleans played confidently against them. Accordingly, having traced the history of the change in the odds during various confrontations between certain opponents and in recent games, you can effectively bet in live mode. In particular, in most games, it was in the third quarter that the team showed the maximum result, but lost the game in the 4th part of the meeting.

NBA historical odds excel advantage

6. Analyzing the game not only of teams, but also of individual players. It is possible to trace at what moment and under what circumstances a decline occurs in the game of a particular basketball player. When analyzing the opposition, the final result depends on the game form of a particular athlete. For example, Kyle Lowry, point guard for the Toronto Raptors, is responsible for building offensive action and game dynamics. If he starts to decline, the team loses its advantage in attacking actions. The effectiveness is reduced to a minimum and the team does not always break through Over 100 or Over 110.
7. Historical NBA odds are collected in one place. Here you can find data for the last 16 years. This allows you to view the history of the formation of young performers or the movement of teams along the tournament grid.
8. Here are the odds of different bookmakers. For example, Bet365, Pinnacle, Unibet, William Hill, 1Xbet and so on. After analyzing the dynamics of the appearance of distortions, you can try to predict when to wait for the next fork.
9. Simple and intuitive navigation. You can quickly find the data that is needed at the moment.

Separately, it should be noted that in live mode, the oods can change with enviable efficiency. One team, which is considered an obvious underdog, can start the meeting as actively and efficiently as possible. She wins a crushing victory in the first quarter. In the second, he has an advantage and is not inferior to the favorite. At the beginning of the second quarter, the odds will definitely change. If before the start of the match the odds for such a team were over 5, then closer to the middle of the meeting they can drop to 1.7 - 1.9. Having analyzed the movement of the odds during the game of the team, it will be possible to safely bet on a victory in a quarter, or on a positive handicap with a high odds. Thus, every professional forecaster, before making his own forecast, must analyze a lot of information. He is required to open the NBA odds database and view the indicators for at least the last three seasons. It is best to assess the dynamics of changes in indicators in the course of the last 5 face-to-face confrontations.
Having studied the historical odds NBA for a particular event, you can try to predict not only P1 or P2, but also Over / Under during the meeting. Perhaps you will need to bet not on the overall result, but on the intermediate one. Including the performance of a particular basketball player.
Using the database, you can make accurate predictions and not drain the bank. If you have doubts about the outcome of an event, you can try to bet on intermediate results.