Soccer / Football odds archive data

Team sports are very popular with bookmaker clients. Football, which originated in the nineteenth century, has traditionally been one of the most spectacular, massive and exciting for decades. And club competitions and tournaments of national teams - the World Cup, European Championship, African Cups or CONCACAF - gather thousands of spectators in stadiums and millions of fans in front of the screens during broadcasts.
They closely follow football matches in the post-Soviet space as well. This is one of the most popular sports among Russian-speaking bettors, as evidenced by the volume of bets on it from leading bookmakers. But not every gambler knows how to best use the funds allocated for the bet. And the odds archive soccer will help you to use them with maximum benefit and the highest chances of success. But what is it for? And how will it help to increase the winnings?

What is football historical odds data?

Hundreds of competitions are held around the world under the auspices of FIFA, UEFA and other organizations. The largest national teams are:
1. World Championship, which takes place every four years.
2. Tournament within the framework of the Olympic Games.
3. Regional Championships: European Championship, League of Nations, America's Cup, CONCACAF Cup and African Cup of Nations.
At the club level, the TOP-5 European championships stand out:
1. Premier League.
2. La Liga.
3. Series A.
4. Bundesliga.
5. League 1.
Particular attention is also focused on international club tournaments, especially the Champions League.
It is not so easy to understand all this diversity, especially for a beginner. Moreover, soccer is represented by several professional leagues in every major country. And the football historical odds data will help you quickly determine the championships and tournaments on which it is most profitable to bet. In fact, this is a huge database collected on the sites of bookmaker companies for more than a decade and a half. It includes:
• information about all past matches on which bookmakers accepted bets;
• full list of leading bookmakers for fights;
• quotes, according to which the winnings were calculated after each meeting.

What is the odds archive football for?

In the largest bookmaker companies there is a rule according to which information about an event (line, list, options for available bets, quotes, etc.) is deleted immediately after its completion. Thus, after a while after the end of the match, the data on the conditions under which the bookmaker accepted bets on it does not remain in the public domain. And it becomes extremely difficult to find out which options for betting were the most profitable. But our odds archive football comes to the rescue in this matter. It not only contains the results of fights, but also quotes from bookmakers over the past years.
Such information allows you to find out which of the leading offices offered the most profitable list for a particular match or an entire tournament. Having such data for an impressive period of time, it will not be difficult:
• highlight the companies with the most favorable conditions for football betting;
• find matches with abnormally high or low odds in the past, that is, understand for which matches the terms of deals were artificially changed;
• study the history of opposition between teams and find out which of them has been the favorite in face-to-face meetings for a long time.
As a result, historical soccer odds, when analyzed correctly, will help increase winnings on upcoming games.

Example of using a database

Even a newcomer to the world of betting knows about the confrontation between Real Madrid and Barcelona. It lasts for decades. And in the domestic arena, especially in La Liga and the King's Cup, and internationally - in the Champions League. Their next fight will take place next season. To properly prepare for it, it is not enough to study the statistics of the results of El Classico. In this case, the football betting odds archive will allow you to quickly figure out in which offices the bets on the match of the Spanish giants were accepted on the most favorable terms. Having studied the line of different bookmakers over the past years, it will not be difficult to find an office that, with the highest odds, will offer the most interesting options for betting on the upcoming meeting of Barça and Real.

Benefits of using for the bettor

Using historical soccer odds before placing a bet is the easiest way to get a number of undeniable benefits at once. Chief among them:
• search for the most favorable conditions in different offices for the past games;
• quick determination of the list of bookmakers for football events;
• the ability to compare quotes in past years with the odds that the bookmaker offices offer now.
As a result, the information collected by our specialists will be useful for everyone who wants to consistently make money on bets. Thanks to her, it will be possible to study the results of matches for past seasons and identify those for which certain bookmakers offered truly unique conditions for betting. And this will make it possible to single out the offices with overstated odds and get large profits from bets from their line in the future.


Thus, the odds archive soccer is a simple and convenient tool that bookmakers prefer to hide from their clients. Indeed, thanks to him, even a beginner will be able to make a bet on more favorable terms, which will significantly increase the winnings.