Archive of the Pinnacle historical odds

In the world of betting, there are several bookmakers that are trusted by millions of gambling enthusiasts. Even if they place bets in other companies, they closely study the statistics and quotes of the market leaders. One of the firms that has won respect for a long time is Pinnacle. At the moment, it has a huge number of clients in more than one hundred countries around the world.
Even those who have never collaborated with this office often follow its quotes. This is where Pinnacle historical odds are needed to help identify the best trades. But first, a little about the company itself.

Information about bookmaker Pinnacle

The bookmaker was registered in 1998 in Curacao. To date, the company has offices in one hundred countries around the world. And its official website supports nineteen languages. In addition to betting on “traditional” sports, the company accepts bets on e-sports and “exotic” disciplines such as drone racing. According to some sources, the average annual income of bookmakers before the start of the pandemic was in the billions of dollars.
Pinnacle takes line and painting seriously. A numerous analytical department is responsible for its quotes, tracking a huge number of sports events. Therefore, even large competitors are looking closely at the bookmaker's line when drawing up their list. And for an ordinary bettor, the Pinnacle odds archive will become a real treasure of useful information. Using our database, even a beginner will quickly find great deals. And it will multiply the winnings.

What is the Pinnacle Odds Database for?

After the end of the event, bookmaker companies, including Pinnacle, hide information about it from visitors to their sites. And after a short period of time it is impossible to find out which line and quotes the office offered for a match, duel or other event. And the bettor will only have to guess what conditions the bookmaker had for the deal. But such data would help him decide on the choice of bets in the future.
Our Pinnacle odds archive stores information about all bets of the bookmaker over the past years. In it you will find:
• a complete list of individual events and major tournaments;
• all variants of the outcomes offered by the bookmaker for making a bet;
• a detailed list of odds for each event in the list.

Benefits of using for the bettor

With Pinnacle historical odds, even a novice bettor can quickly figure out which sports and events are the most popular and identify the events with the best odds. Such information about past meetings will allow:
• find inflated quotes and compare them with the current offers of other offices;
• promptly calculate all the odds and outcomes for the confrontation of certain opponents in a given time period;
• compare quotes from Pinnacle in the past in order to use them to find potentially profitable deals in this or other offices in the future.


Thus, the historical Pinnacle odds, collected by our specialists in a single database, will help the bettor to study and analyze the results and quotes for individual events or even entire tournaments and championships for a certain period. And this information is easy to use to find the best rates in the future. Which will greatly affect the increase in the bank!